ET-Auction for Charity - Drive Up Safety



Last year was one with many highlights, different collections who amazed the world. But especially the year of the unfortunate car accident of Björn, our friend, colleague and enthusiast of this ET Auction. We are very pleased to continue his work and are convinced that our next collections will be as amazing as our previous ones!

ET Auction for Charity /
We are proud to announce that we can offer some unique personal affairs of Olympic Champion Ward Mclain, European Champion Peder Fredricson and World Cup winner Jur Vrieling with team VDL Stud! All these champions had a very good contact with our dear friend Björn. All these returns will go to the organization ‘Drive Up Safety’, who do their very best to road safety. Every day people are killed in traffic accident that should not actually happen. This auction will conclude online Wednesday 27th December 8p.m.

Mclain Ward and Blue Chip Farms

The signed ribbon of Ward Mclain after his victory with Sapphire (ex. Safari van’t Merelsnest) in the Calgary One Million Dollar Grand Prix in combination with a breeding of the promising Cumano son of Sapphire, Omano BC!

Jur Vrieling and VDL Stud

A breeding and statue from Rome Grand Prix winner Glasgow van’t Merelsnest!

Peder Fredricson

A piece of art from the hand of the European Champion Peder Fredricson!


Respect and thank you!