Emilio van 't Merelsnest Z, Wendelina's grandson @ Z Quality Auction 23 09 2017!!!


This talented brown stallion is the son of Emerald and the atletic Haditha van 't Merelsnest.  Haditha is the halfsister to VDL Glasgow van 't Merelsnest out of Wendelina van 't Merelsnest sister to Sapphire ( ex Safari van 't Merelsnest).  He is a beauty and powerful!  The power from Sapphire (ex Safari van 't Merelsnest), Glasgow van 't Merelsnest, Qarco van 't Merelsnest, Lapino (ex Livius van 't Merelsnest), Koblenz van 't Merelsnest, Edjaz van 't Merelsnest ea..

The scoop and endurance from the grandmothers Idjaz-C and Chiquita are genetic qualities.

It is like his name says, he will be a rival!!!

Link : Zangersheide Quality Auction - 23 09 2017

We wish Emilio van 't Merelsnest Z's new owner good luck!



Emilio van 't Merelsnest Z - 2017 september

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