A beautiful performance at the BYT 2018!


Our young horses, Quendelin van 't Merelsnest and Quilina van 't Merelsnest, did it very well at the Belgian Youngster Trials! 

They have already shown much scope, balans and technic!

Quendelin is Wendelina's daughter, her father is the famous stallion Kannan.

Quilina is Latina's daughter and her father is Emerald van 't Ruytershof.  Latina is a daughter from Nabab de Rêve and Indi Blue-W's (Mr. Blue) and has got Wendelina van 't Merelsnest (Sapphire's full sister) as her grand-mother.

They have got the power and the skills!





Quilina van 't Merelsnest - BYT 2018

Quendelin van 't Merelsnest - BYT 2018

Gekoppelde paarden

Quendelin Van 't Merelsnest
Quilina Van 't Merelsnest

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