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Sereno van 't Merelsnest °2018 - Stallion - Vigo d'Arsouilles x Zambesi (Lacoste vd Bucxtale) x Ramiro (Lisa) x Zeus (Givolda) x Lucky Boy XX 

At ET-Auction till 2020 06 09


Vigo d’Arsouilles and Primeval Dejavu combined

This beautiful brown stallion has got a modern blood type and jumps very carefully and in a light way with a flashy front leg.

Sereno van ‘t Merelsnest has got a lot of potency with a father as Vigo d’Arsouilles, the former World Champion out of the impressive damline of Primeval Dejavu.

Dam Lacoste has the fantastic Heartbreaker’s son Zambesi TN as father, he performed at 150-160 level.

Lacoste is ¾ sister to the spectacular Dejavu, one of the highlights in Rio de Janeiro for Qatar with Bassem Mohammed Hassan during the Olympic games 2016.  They placed fourth in GCT GP of Antwerp and Paris etc. and won a lot af GP’s.  He was one of the best horses of the world for many years.

Charmeur van het Kloosterhof is also another famous halfbrother of dam Lacoste. He won uncountable numbers of international classes during his career and so Illinois vd Bucxtale, too.

The 3th dam Givolda gave Well Done and Zazou.  They jumped at 150-160 level.  Well Done ranked multiple times on the international level.  And Canavaro and Andolux Verte performed at 150 level.



Sold to Columbia.



Sereno van 't Merelsnest °2018

Sereno van 't Merelsnest (2020 03 12)

Sereno van 't Merelsnest



Lacoste van de Bucxtale



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