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Urano van ‘t Merelsnest °2020 04 15 - Colt (ET)

Hardrock Z x Darco (Wendelina van 't Merelsnest) x Hedjaz (Idjaz-C) x Cardinal XX x Julius Caesar XX (Chiquita)

At ET-Auction till 2020 06 08



Glasgow vh Merelsnest NOP’s brother, Sapphire’s (ex Safari van ‘t Merelsnest)’s nephew, Qarco van ‘t Merelsnest’s nephew, etc….  a new born famous family member.

This black brown beauty has the flashy movements, the natural balance, the big canter, the modern blood type the fantastic looks to be the future Sire!

With Wendelina van ‘t Merelsnest, Sapphire’s full sister as his mother and VDL Glasgow van ‘t Merelsnest NOP as his brother it needs no explainations! Talent, scoop, character, fantastic mind, strong, strength combined with the fantastic heartbreaker’s son Hardrock.  He is gorgeous!

Wendelina is the full sister of Sapphire, the Olympic gold medal horse of Mclain Ward. She jumped CSI 3* GP also her self under the saddle of Marc Van Dijck. She reached the final of the Belgian Championship in Kapellen 2009. Under Björn Van Bunder she placed three times in the finals of the Belgian Cup in Hulsterlo. In 2013 she took the bronze. She also qualified for Belgian championship 2013.

Her both sons VDL Glasgow vh Merelsnest NOP with Jur Vrieling and Edjaz van ‘t Merelsnest, are approved stallions. They have all the scoop and have already performed at the highest level (150-165).  Wendelina has already given Indi Blue-W van ’t Merelsnest, Koblenz-W van ’t Merelsnest, Karaat van ’t Merelsnest, Morton van ’t Merelsnest, Molvedo van ’t Merelsnest and many other youngsters. They develops in a fantastic way and with a lot of scoop (150)!

Lapino (ex Livius van ’t Merelsnest), Maureen van ’t Merelsnest, Nearco van ’t Merelsnest, Ovidius van ’t Merelsnest, Qarco van ’t Merelsnest, Rastrelli van ’t Merelsnest, Vincenzo van ’t Merelsnest (approved stallion) etc. are all Wendelina van ’t Merelsnest’s brothers and sisters.  All of them performed at the highest levels.

Idjaz-C, Wendelina’s mother have got a lot of fantastic brothers and sisters. Quinten van ’t Merelsnest (approved stallion), Relindi van ’t Merelsnest, Walentina van ’t Merelsnest etc.

Romulus van ’t Merelsnest, Maureen’s son won 6 Gp's in the US under the saddle of Aaron Vale (Ocala, Culpeper, Lexington, Atlanta). Etc…

Urano’s father Hardrock Z was Ridden by Venezuela’s Emanuel Andrade, Hardrock Z participated at the World Equestrian Games in Caen in 2014 and at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. He also participated in the Pan American Games in Toronto in 2015, he finished 6th individually after taking the lead in the first qualifier.

A lot of prestigious family members, al lot of prestigious performences, a lot of good feelings




Urano van 't Merelsnest

Urano van 't Merelsnest



Wendelina Van 't Merelsnest

Hardrock Z  Haertbreaker   
Wendelina Van 't Merelsnest  Darco   
Idjaz-C  Hedjaz 


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