Stud Merelsnest is also boarding your horse now on the stud farm in Ursel. Foals and young horses are raised in groups, but individually approached. Horses also go outside during winter time in the sand paddocks. They are cared for as they were ours. Horses can also jump loose if the client is requesting. Furthermore we can help you with the training of horses and we welcome mares to give birth to a foal. 

For more info about boarding horses, please e-mail or call us.


- Showing your horse

- Training your horse from the start up to higher level

- Preparing young horses for approvals

- Coaching young riders


Stud Merelsnest is offering for sale and is constantly looking for:

- Talented young jumpers

- Hunters/Equitation horses

- Exclusive mares for breeding / embryo transfer


Semen for sale

Frozen semen available of Vincenzo Van 't Merelsnest (Darco x Hedjaz), the BWP approved brother of Sapphire, Quarco & Wendelina Van 't Merelsnest. Vincenzo died at eight in Ireland.

Vincenzo Van 't Merelsnest

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