Kantella van 't Merelsnest Z!


Kantella van 't Merelsnest Z is the famous stallion Kannan's daughter! She is selected by the online ET-Auction. It starts August 13 and ends August 16 at 8 pm.

She has a wonderfull bloodline!  She is so handsome, smart and easygoing!

Her mother is the promising youngster Penelope van 't Merelsnest Z, she is Plot Blue's daughter.  We remember Plot Blue as a stallion with an exception career! 

Penelope's mother is Galanthis-W van 't Merelsnest.  She has Lord-Z as her father and so she inherits the scoop, the bascule and the blood!  


Her great-grandmother is the fabulous Wendelina van 't Merelsnest with sons as the approved stallions VDL Glasgow van 't Merelsnest NOP, Edjaz van 't Merelsnest.  Koblenz van 't Merelsnest, Zafir van 't Merelsnest ea. are also promising offsprings! 

She had a wonderful career with Mark van Dijck and our beloved son Björn van Bunder.

She is Sapphire (Safari van 't Merelsnest)'s full sister.  The legendary Sapphire with McLain Ward that won two Olympic Gold Medals for the USA-team in Athens and Beijing. She is Qarco van 't Merelsnest, Livius van 't Merelsnest's etc. sister too.


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