Dionte van 't Merelsnest Z, a star in the making just like his relatives!


''A star in the making just like his relatives''

Diamant de Semilly x Larino - Born 2018 - 1.71m 

Dionte is a 3-year-old stallion by Diamant de Semilly. He descends from the same family a Sapphire of McLain Ward and Glasgow van’t Merelsnest of Jur Vrieling. His dam Ianthe’s first offspring now start to compete in the sport and Dionte looks like he has what it takes to do the same. He presents himself with a lot of aura and captivates from the first small jump. You can easily see that he is bred to perform with every fiber in his body working effortlessly over the fences. He takes jumping close to perfection with every aspect it takes to be a successful show jumper.

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Dionte van 't Merelsnest Z (2021 04)


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