Parker Merelsnest VDL ex. Usmanu van 't Merelsnest approved by KWPN


Parker Merelsnest VDL ex. Usmanu van 't Merelsnest has been approved by the KWPN studbook after a final inspection under the saddle.

Parker Merelsnest VDL is the son of Hardrock Z x Moya van 't Merelsnest (Nabab de Rêve) x Maureen van 't Merelsnest (Lys de Darmen) x Idjaz-C (Hedjaz) x Chiquita (Cardinal XX x Julius Caesar XX).

This is the second son of Moya van 't Merelsnest as an approved stallion.

Thyano van 't Merelsnest from Comme Il Faut has been approved in Germany since last year.

We congratulate the owners and wish them good luck!



Parker Merelsnest VDL ex. Usmanu van 't Merelsnest

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