Again, an approved stallion!


Again, an approved stallion!

Hector AS was approved by the Zangersheide Studbook at the stallion selection show Deauville France last Sunday 2022 02 13!

Hector AS' sire is the famous stallion Diamant de Semilly and his dam is the great Domina van 't Merelsnest. She has combined the incredible Darco as her father with Artemis van 't Merelsnest, a daughter of the influential Voltaire.

Artemis van ’t Merelsnest has Idjaz-C (Hedjaz) as her mother and Sapphire (Safari van ’t Merelsnest) and Wendelina van ’t Merelsnest as her half sister.  In that way Hector AS is closely related to Wendelina van ‘t Merelsnest’s approved sons Glasgow van ’t Merelsnest, Edjaz van ’t Merelsnest, Koblenz van ’t Merelsnest and several in preparation and also to Sappire’s approved sons Omanao BC and Petrossian BC etc.


Nearco van ’t Merelsnest VDL (ex Salvino van ’t Merelsnest) was approved by the prestigious KWPN studbook last month.

Nearco van 't Merelsnest VDL is also a Diamant de Semilly son. He has Naïla van 't Merelsnest as his mother, she moved to Jür Vrieling Sport Stables last month.

Naïla van ‘t Merelsnest has the striking stallion Kannan as father and Jugendnixe van 't Merelsnest as mother.

Jugendnixe van ‘t Merelsnest has the mighty Mr. Blue as her father and Graciana van 't Merelsnest as her mother.

Unfortunately, the beautiful and powerful Graciana van 't Merelsnest (Lord Z) passed away when she was only 4.5 years old after a tooth extraction.

Graciana was Relindi van ’t Merelsnest’s daughter and so we combined Darco again as the great sire with the first great mare Chiquita.


Chiquita deserves a statue. This Hanoverian mare had it all!  She was intelligent, powerful, beautiful, bloody.  An eye-catcher as you know she was a ¾ thoroughbred out of Cardinal XX x Julius Caesar XX. She was way ahead of her time and so were her descendants!

However, we can trace her influential ancestors back centuries so that we can rely on a strong foundation.


Also last month, Chacco's Talent Z, a Chacco Blue’s son received the approval from Studbook KWPN to participate in the last session of the KWPN stallion selection, the tests under the saddle.

This Chacco's Talent Z, is On Verra van ’t Merelsnest’s son and Wendelina van ’t Merelsnest’s grandson and as you know Wendelina van ’t Merelsnest is Idjaz-C (Hedjaz)’s daughter and Sapphire (ex Safari van 't Merelsnest )’s full sister and so we will find the precious Chiquita again as the first mother!


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